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Support – All areas:

In addition to the support and advice we can provide for families going through the journey of dementia we also offer a range of Services.  These are constantly being reviewed and new ones will be regularly added to maintain everyone’s interest, thereby ensuring the maximum enjoyment and variation of events to support the people with Dementia and their carers within our local community.

To see which Alzheimer Dementia Support Services are on near you please check out our

Services Directory and Services Calendar .

  • Testimonials
    Thank you for keeping us up to date with the newsletters and for all that you do in working with Alzheimer Dementia Support. It is comforting to be able to speak with others who understand the condition. Mum and I have really enjoyed coming to the dance classes and all the events you have put on through ADS. ADS Member Carer
  • My mother in law was diagnosed with Alzheimers recently. Never experienced the illness before, it was very difficult to cope with the symptoms and actions of the illness. Luckily we were given the number of ADS for help and support. I have to say this charity has been fantastic and I'm not sure how we would cope without them. We've had the opportunity of attending courses to help us gain knowledge and advise on dealing with the illness. They have a brilliant social circle including singing groups, drop in centres and the Alzheimer cafe which my mother in law enjoys attending.Everyone is so friendly and approachable and there is always someone available for advice and support.I can't thank ADS enough and we are so lucky to have them in our area. ADS Member Carer
  • Thanks for all ADS support and the members of our groups who have made me very welcome. It has helped me throughout the year.