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‘ADS’ Volunteer Befrienders

​Becoming a Volunteer Befriender with ‘ADS’

Volunteers are vital to Alzheimers Dementia Support’s (‘ADS’) services. Our goal for this new service is to reduce the impact of Dementia on those living with the illness and family members who care for them.

This role description is designed to provide clarity about what the role entails and how support to you will be provided should you decide to volunteer.
You will need to understand the principles, aims and ethics of ‘ADS’ and agree to uphold them.

How does this role make a difference?
Befrienders offer social contact to people with Dementia or family Carers of people with Dementia. You will provide companionship in their home and may help the person with Dementia to take part in appropriate social/recreational activities.

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    What will you be doing?
    You will be teamed up with another volunteer and together you will be befriending and supporting the person with Dementia via visits you make together (ideally you will be a driver and be willing to use your own vehicle). You will be ‘matched’ with the other volunteer befriender to ensure you ‘get on’ and can devote the same amount of time to
    fulfil the role. You will also then both visit the prospective client and their Carer to ensure you all get on with each other. We call this process ‘matching’.

    You will both:
    • Visit the same person with Dementia and/or a Carer of a person with Dementia on a regular basis (perhaps a few hours each week or fortnight).
    • Provide agreed opportunities to participate in social/recreational activities
    • Build trust and companionship to enable the person with Dementia and/or their family Carer to engage with activities in a safe and enjoyable environment.
    • Report back to your ‘ADS’ Buddy each time you visit to keep ‘ADS’ up to date with all relevant details and identify any needs.
    • You will agree to comply with the ‘ADS’ Befriending service standards and procedures, especially those that relate to Data Protection, and Safeguarding.

    This role does not provide personal care for the client.
    You will not be required or encouraged to provide any form of personal care for the
    client or their Carer.

    Volunteers are good at adapting to individual’s needs and any variation to ‘ADS’ guidelines must be discussed and agreed with your ‘ADS’ Buddy before implementation.

    Will the role be suitable for you?
    No special qualifications or experience is needed. The role may be suitable if you:
    • Know about, or are willing to learn a little about, Dementia and its impacts.
    • Have good verbal communication and listening skills, especially face to face and have a desire to make a difference.
    • Are happy to work with a volunteer partner at all times.
    • Recognise the importance of confidentiality (Data Protection) and practise it.
    • Are prepared to devote the time required to receive induction training and any other training considered necessary for the role from time to time.
    • Are able and willing to treat people from all backgrounds with dignity.

    How will ‘ADS’ support you in this role?
    You will be supported by your ‘ADS’ Buddy who will be your contact point for all and any needs you may have. You will be able to contact them at any time.

    How much time will you need to give?
    You will need to commit to an agreed number of hours each week or fortnight, usually the same day and time in conjunction with your Befriending volunteer partner and the client. Ideally you will be able to view this as a long term ‘friendship’ as this is important for most people with Dementia who do not respond well to change. So a minimum of 6
    months would be desirable.

    ​How will ‘ADS’ support you?
    • You will receive relevant induction/training for the role
    • You will benefit from the opportunity for ongoing training as necessary
    • You will be reimbursed your agreed out-of-pocket expenses, in accordance with ‘ADS’ guidelines.

    If you decide to volunteer for this rewarding and vital role, ‘ADS’ will require references
    and will need to carry out the necessary background checks (DBS) in order to Safeguard those concerned. 

    To get involved in Befriending please email or call Santok  (07543 243613)

‘ADS’ Volunteer Board Expansion 

Following  a hugely exciting and enormously successful period since August 2011, during which, we have achieved significant growth , we at ‘ADS’ are focusing on our future development.  As a result,  we would like to invite two dynamic specialists , interested in assisting ‘ADS’ with the achievement of an ambitious strategy – to help deliver more Services to People with Dementia and their Carers, in our LOCAL Community – to join our board of directors, on a voluntary basis. 

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    • Our Chairman requires an enthusiastic person with broad business knowledge, vision and creative skills to join the board and support him in building on our remarkable successes to date.
    • In addition, David also requires a finance manager/treasurer, to liaise with the Board and to support our accountants and administration services agency to maintain control of our currently very healthy financial situation. In addition, these individuals will also be required to assist with our strategic planning processes.

    Anyone looking to put something back in a rewarding way, interested in dedicating some of their time and expertise to help us at ‘ADS’ to achieve our aims and objectives, please contact our Chairman & MD, David Jannetta.

    Email David Jannetta