Dementia Awareness Training

These events are for people living or working in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead.

Alzheimers Dementia Support (‘ADS’) is a local charity, operating in the Royal Borough of Windsor, Ascot & Maidenhead. Earlier this year, we were commissioned by the RBWM, to devise an informative and interactive training program, aimed at raising the awareness of Dementia within our local community. In addition, our training program has been designed to demonstrate how seriously the disease affects the lives of the many people it touches.
As a result of our collaboration with the RBWM, ‘ADS’ Dementia Awareness Training in the Community will be delivered to all attendees as a ‘free of charge’ one or two-hour sessions and all organisations, operating in the RBWM, have the opportunity to nominate multiple numbers of delegate attendees.

  • Who can attend?
    Anyone living or working in the the RBWM.  *We would recommend, however, that you speak to one of our advisors if you are a carer for a person with dementia so that your needs can be better served.  Our training has been specifically developed to accommodate the awareness needs of all individuals and agencies, such as; commercial organisations, six form pupils, faith groups, retailers, (large and small – all sectors) and public agencies etc., and so attendees of our training will achieve an enhanced understanding of the condition, which will assist them in their daily work and life.

    Training course attendees will also be introduced to many of the issues people with dementia encounter and they will be encouraged to explore how best to manage many of the more common situations.  You can book several people at a time onto a public event.

  • Course Content
    • Introductions and any experience of dementia
    • Facts & figures about dementia
    • Brief description of different types of dementia
    • DVD showing what it is like to have dementia
    • Discussion re the video
    • What happens in the brain to memory when you have dementia
    • Things that you might notice if you suspect someone has dementia
    • How to approach someone you suspect has dementia
    • Understanding difficult behaviour
    • Q&A

    The course is complemented by a pack containing various information sheets covering discussions from the day together with our latest newsletter.

  • I want to register now

    • Private in-house training

      We can also bring the training free of charge to your facility for large numbers of delegates (12+) on request in time slots of 1 or 2 hours to suit your organisation.

      I want to book private training for my group

    • Follow up training
      Following completion of our training, some attendees may be considered eligible to, at a later date, join a “Train the Trainer” session, as in so doing these individuals will be empowered to share the important lessons they have learned, with colleagues within the greater structure of their own organisation and/or environment.
    • Conditions
      As previously mentioned, ‘ADS’ – Dementia Awareness Training in the Community, is offered on a ‘free of charge’ basis however should any booked attendees (to any session) fail to attend, it should be noted that non-attendance will attract a per delegate charge of £75 (invoiced).

      It may not be viable to run a session if it is under-subscribed so you will be notified should an event be cancelled with as much notice as possible.

    • Early booking is strongly recommended, to ensure that you and/or your nominated attendees are not disappointed. 

      Please Note: If our currently arranged training dates are not suitable, please let us know and we will make all efforts to ensure that you are informed when additional dates are added to our calendar. 

      Questions? please contact Nicky or call 0751 376 2900

      • Testimonials
        I was at a presentation last night at Berks Search & Rescue given by Christine Price & Sandy Ashton. It was the best talk I've seen in years and certainly helps us understanding the condition more. Thanks very much. Mel Lewis BLSAR
      • Testimonials
        A great free service, giving a real insight into dementia. Hopefully even if just a little information can be taken away by all that attend it will help in society. Legal Exec
        • Testimonials
          I just wanted to email you to say how FANTASTIC the dementia training was last night. Not only was the information presented greatly practical and insightful – it made me realise that I had made some pretty sweeping generalisations about dementia in the past – but the personal questions of fellow attendees sparked such wonderful discussion. It really was an eye opener and I was inspired listening to so many different perspectives on the disease. Rebecca Lenton (When they get Older)
        • QUOTE
          The course has really helped me to make sense of a lot of the things my Grandmother is going through.
        • Testimonials
          Thank you so much for coming to our church yesterday to give us the Dementia Awareness Training. Your presentation was excellent and really helpful. I am so pleased that 23 new people took up the offer and came along. Thank you very much for your time and for bringing all your equipment which worked extremely well. It is always a challenge to give a power point presentation in a new place but you appear to have got it down to a fine art. With grateful thanks. Sue